2020 Jul 17

TAcc+ International Program – Register Now!!!

TAcc+ International Program – Register Now!!!

Register Here!!!

TAcc+, a national league accelerator by Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, proudly presents International Program Webinar to facilitate international startups and SMEs to connect with Taiwan startup ecosystem. We have invited insiders from Taiwan’s renowned IoT and healthcare industries as well as key players of the manufacturing supply chains to share with you industry demand, market gaps and collaboration best practices.


Why you should join our webinar

For Taiwan business development opportunities

Despite travel restriction as a result of the pandemic, you can still join our 1-on-1 O2O event based in Taiwan for business development opportunities.

Connecting industry demand of Healthcare

The webinar aims to help international startups and SMEs understand Taiwan’s healthcare system and hospital resources as well as medical equipment’s LAB to Production success stories and how they can be replicated.

Connecting industry demand of IoT

The webinar’s goal is to create opportunity for your business to connect with Taiwan’s billion-dollar IoT and semi-conductor industries.

Accelerating the POC and product to market process

With Taiwan’s strong background in hardware manufacturing, this is the chance for you to turn your vision into reality through the program’s design and prototyping support which provides a one-stop service from small batch production to mass production, accelerating the POC and product to market process.

Getting 1-month co-working space free of charge

Launch your business in Taiwan and TAcc+ will provide you with a 1-month co-working space free of charge.

Groups Selection of Taiwan Business Development


Examination of identification

Groups should hand in registration information before 2020/09/11 17:00(GMT+8). The registration information and application requirement have to meet the following requirements:

1.The groups or companies should be the industries about IoT or Healthcare.
2.Companies should hand in complete introduction for companies. (Both files and videos are fine.) The content of your business plan should explain the need and the expectation that you come to Taiwan. (Choose one topic from the four topics below)
Soft landing in Taiwan
Connection and collaboration with businesses (such as business, funds, supply chains, and talented
Importing manufacturing supply chains
Connection and collaboration with startups in Taiwan

Companies should apply online and upload the documents with the links. (The registration information will not be returned.) If the documents are insufficient, your group has to hand in all the documents after receiving the mail which requests further documents in three days. Overdue is regarded as Disqualification.

We will confirm the consequence whether you become the group that we collaborate with to you through email


How to join us?

Register Here for the event.