Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc +) originates from the "Advanced Industry Strategic Implementation Plan" of the Small and Medium Business Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and is committed to creating the latest international accelerator for Taiwan, in order to facilitate the flow of scientific research talents, and build the industry's forward-looking innovation strength to solve National competitiveness is helpful, and Taiwan's lack of start-ups on the international stage and related industrial, social, and economic issues. By creating an "advanced industry strategic implementation platform", through the collection of global market and technology development information for focus industries, the establishment of business opportunity analysis tools, the support of new startup teams / enterprises and the concatenation of resources, the provision of scientific research funding , To help create a friendly environment and development mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship, accelerate the rapid development of science and technology startups and obtain investment, and then flourish industrial development and expand entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the next generation of scientific research talents.

TAcc+ Insights

Through the dual AI business situation analysis system, a variety of resources and technology tools are used to conduct technical investigations, provide insight into industry profiles, new trends and technological developments, provide the team with the latest technology, market, investment and other sufficient business information to assist the team to improve its operational layout planning.

TAcc+ Create

Beyond the traditional selection mechanism, evaluate and select projects with business opportunities and potential for scale-up in a scientific, systematic, and artificial intelligence manner, and link partners from each other to explore high-quality methods Entrepreneurs also assist them to form a high-quality start-up team, and further assist the team to improve business plans, establish market positioning and create market value.

TAcc+ Propel

From industrial organization model, resource-based perspective to stakeholder strategic analysis model, combined with academic and practical experience for business growth training, and comprehensively introduce industry mentors, multi-funds, corporate partners, professional logistics and other resources to build a complete counseling and promotion mechanism , To assist the startup team to quickly connect the market and develop business, and implement the transmission and acquisition of value.

TAcc+ Scale

Through continuous measures such as professional coaching, investment introduction, regular alumni events for new startups, and assistance in product and service development, the scale of new venture operations will be further expanded to realize business potential.