Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc +) originates from the "Advanced Industry Strategic Implementation Plan" of the Small and Medium Business Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and is committed to creating the latest international accelerator for Taiwan, in order to facilitate the flow of scientific research talents, and build the industry's forward-looking innovation strength to solve National competitiveness is helpful, and Taiwan's lack of start-ups on the international stage and related industrial, social, and economic issues. By creating an "advanced industry strategic implementation platform", through the collection of global market and technology development information for focus industries, the establishment of business opportunity analysis tools, the support of new startup teams / enterprises and the concatenation of resources, the provision of scientific research funding , To help create a friendly environment and development mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship, accelerate the rapid development of science and technology startups and obtain investment, and then flourish industrial development and expand entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the next generation of scientific research talents.

Recruitment target

We are recruiting technical talents and teams in the Internet of Things (IoT), Healthcare and other related fields, or you who are interested in entrepreneurship, as long as the following conditions are met, you are welcome to become one of us!

Start-up teams and individuals interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), Healthcare, and other related fields

Enthusiastic and endless ideas for entrepreneurship, but no suitable partners

Existing team but no good business partners

Already team and product ideas, want to enter the national accelerator to try their skills

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